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dark-horizons - just pictures film - Indie Film Production

In production

Dark Horizons

The new science fiction film
from Austria and Germany.
Expected premiere, summer 2023


Award-winning indie films, which were still made under Bored Friday Productions

In planning

Planned films



An independent film from the genre Italowestern, which is expected to be

will be shot in southern Spain in the fall of 2024.


dark-horizons - just pictures film

Just Pictures Film

Indie Film Production and VFX

Just Pictures Fim started over ten years ago as a small indie film production company (under the name “Bored Friday Productions”) and has since grown into a prolific independent production of
independent films
developed. Our film production and
post-production / VFX
is a collaborative effort between the filmmakers and their clients. We are a mix of emerging and established directors, actors, animation artists and post-production freelancers

With our team from Germany, Austria and Spain, we produce films. From sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers to horror and documentaries, we deliver a wide range of quality productions.
Our films are shown at film festivals and cinema screens worldwide. Our versatility is our greatest asset and made us what we are today.
We are working to break new technical film ground and keep pushing the boundaries of the genre as well as the market.