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Dark Horizons

The new science fiction film
from Austria and Germany.

sporus & Nero

The tragic story of Sporus

Background information on Sporus

Sporus is a historical figure whose tragic story is to be made into a movie. Sporus was a young man and boy toy who lived in ancient Rome at the time of the Roman Emperor Nero. What makes Sporus so extraordinary is his special relationship with Nero. Nero turned Sporus into a castrato, which means that he no longer had any male sexual organs. Nero was fascinated by his beauty and grace and eventually married him. This relationship between a powerful emperor and a castrato caused a great stir in society at the time and was extremely unusual. The story of Sporus is characterized by violence, love, loss and the constant pressure of public opinion. It is a story that shows that love knows no boundaries, but also how cruel and merciless society can be. The film adaptation of this tragic fate promises a captivating and emotional journey into ancient Rome.

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Award-winning indie films, which were still made under Bored Friday Productions

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An independent film from the genre Italowestern, which is expected to be

will be shot in southern Spain in the fall of 2024.


dark-horizons - just pictures film

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Just Pictures Fim started over ten years ago as a small indie movie production (under the name “Bored Friday Productions”) and has since grown into a prolific independent production of
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films. Our film production and
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is a collaborative effort between the filmmakers and their clients. We are a mix of emerging and established directors, actors, animators and freelancers in post-production and indie films

With our team from Germany, Austria and Spain, we produce independent films. From sci-fi, fantasy and thrillers to horror and documentaries, we deliver a wide range of quality productions.

Our films are shown in various ways all over the world at different film festivals and also in cinemas on big screens. The films are seen and evaluated by a wide audience. They receive various honors and awards that make them known in the film industry and express the talent of the artists behind them.

Our versatility is our greatest asset and made us what we are today.

We strive to explore new, technically influenced ways of filmmaking to create innovative and exciting independent movies. To this end, we are researching technological developments to explore new and interesting possibilities in the scripting process, production, editing and visual effects to enable new types of storytelling.